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Image of one Indian girl and one white girl students in the Science Program class for Hope Academy of Dyslexics doing a science experiment.

Physical Education/Health

Physical Education at Hope Academy is designed for all students regardless of athletic ability or motivation. All kids are instructed and encouraged to increase their physical stamina, improve their motor skills and gain in their sense of fair play and sportsmanship.In addition to regular exercise, kids play organized games such as field hockey, lacrosse, flag football, soccer, basketball and other team activities.

Our Health class is offered to our middle school age students. It is taught separately to our male and female students. Course content includes nutrition, exercise, anatomy & reproduction, hygiene and mental & emotional well-being.
A couple of children running and playing field hockey during Physical Education Class
A child doing art work in Arts Program


At Hope Academy, art is an important creative outlet for many students. Dyslexic students often view the world around them differently and art offers kids an opportunity to express themselves in ways that come naturally to them. Students are taught drawing techniques, painting with different mediums, incorporating perspective into their work as well as other craft projects.


Computers are utilized in a variety of ways during our enrichment class. Depending upon a student’s grade level, they have the opportunity to learn basic keyboarding, how to conduct research, play educational games that support their learning as well as coding and programming.
A child doing work on a computer in the Computer Program