Our Program

Thank you for considering Hope Academy for your dyslexic learner. It is our intention at Hope Academy to create a thoughtful, encouraging and engaging environment for each of our students.

Program Information

At Hope Academy, we believe that teaching is about relationships. It is important that we help build community for our kids.

In many instances, dyslexic students have experienced significant academic, social and emotional wounding as they have attempted to navigate a classroom that was not designed to meet their needs. We understand that all students come with very unique challenges and we have designed our program to support the whole child. We acknowledge their dyslexia regularly and celebrate their creativity, ingenuity and resourcefulness.

In addition to dyslexia, our kids often come with a diagnosis of ADHD and/or anxiety.

We work diligently to create a thoughtful, structured environment that allows students to work through their learning differences and thrive. We find that by supporting and addressing the social/emotional needs of the kids as well as their academic needs, our students are able to maximize their full learning potential. We also believe it is necessary to empower students to become self-advocates while navigating their education. All of our teaching is designed for dyslexic learners.

We incorporate a simultaneous, multi-sensory instructional approach in all of our classes. Our Language Arts classes utilize the Slingerland methodology and our math classes use the Making Math Real program as their foundations. In addition to our core academic programs, all of our enrichment classes; drama, PE, art, science, history, keyboarding and social development are designed around the needs of dyslexic learners.

Through understanding and owning their dyslexia, students are better able to speak to their learning needs.

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