Language Arts

Scaffolding the path to success by nurturing the love of language.
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Image of one Indian girl and one white girl students in the Science Program class for Hope Academy of Dyslexics doing a science experiment.
Language Arts Info

Hope Academy’s Language Arts department is dedicated to instilling and nurturing a desire to learn. Our daily language arts lessons provide students with the essential tools that they need for reading and writing.

Our teachers utilize the Slingerland adaptation of the Orton-Gillingham approach to language arts instruction. This research-based, multi-sensory teaching approach simultaneously uses three channels of learning: auditory, visual and kinesthetic-motor. The approach teaches to the intellect and provides a language learning experience that is complete, thorough and integrated.
A photo of children sitting in desks and a teacher talking to the students during Language Arts Class.
A photo of a bunch of alphabetical placeholder placards in the Language Arts class.
It is a supportive instructional program that encourages academic competence, effective work habits and self-discipline.

Each language arts lesson is designed to promote student success through explicit, structured, sequential and multi-sensory instruction. The purpose is to build a solid foundation in speaking, reading, spelling and writing.
To find out more about the Slingerlandprogram, visit their website